DroneLogbook is an industry leader developing tools and flight data importers to improve workflow.
Our "Private Label" platform is built to suit large organizations needs.
We provide World-wide solutions tailored to each market and local compliance.

DroneLogbook is an industry leader developing tools and importers to improve workflow. Our platform accepts telemetry files from over 50 hardware and software sources to make your workflow easier.
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If you are a drone, autopilot or ground control (app) developer and want to be integrated into DroneLogbook sent us a note and we are happy to work with you to improve your customers’ workflow.

Hardware: DJI, Parrot, Wingtra, SenseFly, Autel, Yuneec, Wingcopter, Vantage Robotics and more.
Software: UGCS, DroneHarmony, Sky-Drones, Simnet, Zephyr, DroneLink, Flytbase, Q Ground Control, Mission Planner and more.
Modular – Configurable
DroneLogbook provides organizations the opportunity to utilize our “Private Label” platform. This platform provides organizations with the highest level Enterprise tools for flight operations and a detailed administrative panel for operations oversight. The administrator has the ability to set rules, transfer assets and information between groups, message users, receive notifications (if flight / operations parameters exceeded) and more. In addition, we offer the ability (as paid option) to configure the application to suit user needs.
DroneLogbook works with partners around the world to provide solutions tailored to each market. These solutions are tailored for both the local compliance needs as well as workflows.
Our client’s data is stored on certified servers around the world to provide data security in the local market.
Starting in 2021 we will be working to provide native language versions of our platform. Initial supported languages will be French – German – Portuguese – Spanish – Italian. If you are interested in partnering for your local (non English) market feel free to contact us.

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DroneLogbook Mobile Apps

The DroneLogbook solution is based on a cloud infrastructure with secure data storage, online web application accompanied by our mobile application for offline access and easy synchronization with your cloud based account. In addition, the mobile app provides you with access to the latest airspace status updates, local weather and solar index reading that might affect your operations.

Another Android mobile application, DLBSync, simplifies import of your flights from major mobile drone flight control apps natively to your DroneLogbook account. This app can sync flights into DLB Sync from your flight control apps when offline or in poor mobile coverage, then upload flights to DroneLogbook account when you have mobile or WIFI coverage.

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