Simplify Your Drone Operations

Managing a commercial drone operation is time consuming enough without the added burden of administrative tasks.
DroneLogbook simplifies these tasks and lets you focus on flying. We provide the tools needed to manage your operations in a single, easy to use platform.

  • Mission Planning
  • Compliance Reporting
  • Maintenance Reporting

  • Flight Tracking
  • Custom Digital Forms
  • Offline Operations

Compliance & Custom Reporting

The most important part of your commercial operations is making sure your operations stay compliant. DroneLogbook provides all the tools needed to track and manage your drone operations, allowing you to create custom reports in seconds. Meet all your regulatory requirements with our pre-set list of reports (FAA, CAA, CASA, CAD, EASA, DGAC, TBST) In addition, we have a series of custom reports available to allow you to track pilots, flights, maintenance and more.

DroneLogbook makes it that easy.


DroneLogbook provides our users with access to a growing library of digital forms to manage pre-flight, post-flight and maintenance operations.
Our library provides a variety of authorization forms, POA’s and the ability to create an unlimited number of custom checklists and risk assessment forms. In addition, our system allows for the importation of other digital forms or imaged hard copies as needed.
All of this documentation can be assigned to individual flights, pilots or the organization itself to be accessed by team members. The documents are time stamped and have an audit trail showing who created it or edited it last.

Mission Planning, Operations Calendar and Fleet Management

DroneLogbook allows you to plan missions, assign personnel and equipment and check airspace status in minutes. We also provide an operations calendar so you can view your past and future fights in a single screen, providing the information you need at your fingertips. Finally, our fleet management system provides detailed information regarding the uav’s / drone’s maintenance and flight history. Our detailed maintenance section provides a schematic of over 20 drone configurations to allow for more precise maintenance tracking.

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The DroneLogbook solution is based on a cloud infrastructure with secure data storage, online web application accompanied by our mobile application for offline access and easy synchronization with your cloud based account. In addition, the mobile app provides you with access to the latest airspace status updates, local weather and solar index reading that might affect your operations.