We have a plan for every pilot

Perfect for the hobbyist and individual user who wants to track key flight data but does not need any reporting or analytics features.
This plan is for pilots and organizations who want to track all flight data and be able to generate monthly government compliance documentation.
6.95 $ / month / user
Discount on annual payment.
This plan is for organizations who want to streamline their operations via online forms, customized reporting and government compliance reports.
19.95 $ / month / user
Discount on annual payment.
Private Label
Custom solution for corporations who need dedicated cloud server.
Custom price
Private Label
Manage Flight Data
Flight, drone, equipment, battery, location, incident, maintenance, documents.
Unlimited Flights and Documents
No data and storage limitation.
Draw Flight Areas and Check Airspace Safety Status
Dynamic controlled airspace safety info when drawing your flight areas.
Flight Log Upload and Import
DJI, 3DRobotics, Parrot, Yuneec, DraganFly, MikroKopter, MapsMadeEasy, Flytrex,...etc.
3D View Replay and Flight Track Export
Replay your flight in beautiful 3D view. Export your flight track as Google Earth (KML) and IGC format.
DJI Go App Sync
Sync and import automatically your DJI saved flights.
DJI Battery Health
Display battery information over the time from imported flight log. Data tracked are Battery Life, initial capacity , max temperature, efficiency.
Automatic Flight Data Logging
Flight data are pushed directly to your logbook, from Autoflight Logic autopilot app, DJI Ultimate.
Operations Calendar
View all your operations (flights and planned missions) on a calendar view: year, month, week, day.
Data Export
Flights, Equipment, Battery, Incident and Pilot 90 days currency (CSV format).
Compliance Reporting
Custom Checklists
Mission Planning
Prepare your flight and all necessary documents. Draw flight areas and check airspace safety status.
Custom Reporting
Per pilot, per drone, battery log, maintenance...etc
Preflight Forms
Risk Assessment, Photograph & Video Release, Authorization from Property Representative, Plan of activity.
Customer Management
Manage your customers and their projects. Mass-import your existing customers database.
Manage Multiple Organizations
Multiple Organizations consolidated dashboard and reporting.
Own Branding
Private (PAAS)