DroneLogbook is the one-stop platform for drone operators

Main Features

Log your flights with detailed information.

Add your battery charges and check battery performance over usage.

Report your flight incidents.

Manage maintenance of your drones and equipment.

Plan your missions.

Manage your organization and pilots.

Manage your equipment.

Store all organization documents.

Create custom and legal reports.
  • PDF reports branded with your organization logo and information.
  • Your pilots share their data inside the organization.
  • Plan your mission, prepare your flight area by checking controlled airspace status.
  • Manage flights linked to customer project / Job references.
  • Import your flight log to fill info automatically, view GPS trace and auto-fill battery charge voltages.
    We support log files from DJI, 3DRobotics, Pixhawk, Parrot, senseFly, Trimble, Yuneec, MikroKopter, MapsMadeEasy, NVDrones, Litchi, Flytrex, Autoflight Logic and more to come.
  • Get automatically weather conditions based on flight location and date/time.
  • Get notified when next maintenance is reached (next maintenance date or flying hours amount).
  • Store your organization documents: Pilot license, certifications, notices...etc.
  • Manage your operations documents: Pre-flight forms, Checklists, Risk assessment...etc.
  • Attach external video/photo link to flight and browse your media book on the iPad application.

DroneLogbook at a glance

We import flight logs from


What Do We Cover

Don’t spend time on paperwork, fly and focus on your business

As a drone operator, you want to focus on flying. Administrative tasks related to business operations, compliance and reporting take time and energy away from your core business. Our platform integrates your business operations with your regulatory obligations saving you time and money.
DroneLogbook reduces the burden by automating many of these tasks:
  • Generate compliance (FAA, CAA, CASA, CAD, EASA, DGAC, TBST) reports in seconds. Regulatory agencies require you to produce records on demand. DroneLogbook makes that easy.
  • Create documentation electronically (Authorization Forms, POA etc)
  • Create custom checklist and risk assessment forms
  • Map flight area’s and check safety status with Airmap Airspace Intelligence
  • Import flight log files or automatically push your flight data from 3rd party apps. Show exactly where, when and how the mission was executed
  • Attach documentation to flights to track compliance
  • Project folders with all flights & documentation in a single folder to better manage operations and compliance
  • Notification and tracking of maintenance tasks
  • Create custom reports in seconds
  • Operate offline and sync when you are online

  • So regardless of whether you need to provide documentation to the government (FAA/CAA/CASA), your insurance company or your accountant DroneLogbook reduces hours of administrative time to minutes.

    Our solution is based on a cloud infrastructure, with secure data storage, online web application and mobile application for offline access and easy synchronisation with your cloud account.

    Where We Operate & Who We Serve

    DroneLogbook has solutions to fit all the major regulatory agency requirements.
    Our client base encompasses over 50 countries and growing. We provide you with the reports needed to satisfy: FAA, CAA, CASA, CAD, EASA, DGAC, TBST...etc
    Our customers are spread across all aspects of the commercial UAV industry. We serve thousands of UAV operators supporting the following industries: Industrial Inspection, Mapping & Surveying, Commercial Film/Movie/TV, Real Estate, Agriculture, Science/Education, Emergency Services.

    Who We Are & What We Offer

    DroneLogbook was founded by a team of experienced software developers and operations managers who have a passion for flying UAV’s. DroneLogbook has been supporting the commercial UAV industry since its inception and now serves thousands of UAV operators of all sizes with our scalable solutions.
    Our private label package provides an additional option for those who want a custom solution. The private label offering is used by several key manufacturers, large media firms, educational institutions, logistics firms, energy firms and insurance providers to support their drone operations.

    Intuitive Data Interaction and Smart Logs Importer

    We have a plan for every pilot

    For Commercial / Professional Operators

    DroneLogbook provides the commercial/professional UAV operator with the tools you need to help manage your equipment, compliance and business operations.
    Our enterprise versions were developed with feedback from commercial operators with pricing plans to fit your growing business.
    Our tools are integrated into key industry applications allowing for seamless operations saving you time and money.

    For Hobbyists

    For our hobbyist/weekend flyers, DroneLogbook provides a free version of our platform that lets you track your flights, link to your videos and keep up with your maintenance schedule to ensure hassle free, safe flights.
    We support flight logs from all of the major hobbyist models including but not limited to the DJI Inspire and Phantom, 3DR Solo and more.

    3rd Party Licensing

    If you have a need to operate a logbook under your own brand we can help. DroneLogbook provides a turnkey white label package. You can get the same features and functionality as our branded platform with the ability to customize to your needs. This plan allows you to give your clients/customers access to their data in a format of your choosing. This is the perfect solution for UAV firms with repeat clients (Oil and Gas, Energy, Construction) and Manufacturers who are looking to provide value added services to their customers.

    We work with

    Autoflight Logic

    Autopilot is the industry’s leading flight control platform for DJI products. With the recent release of version 2.0, Autopilot now supports the Inspire 1, the Phantom 3 Advanced / Professional, and the  Phantom 2 Vision / Vision+. Autopilot was created by Autoflight Logic, a software startup based in Austin Texas that was founded by pilots and RC enthusiasts. To download Autopilot or to learn more, click here.
    Type: Mission Planning/Flight Control.  Location: Global.

    UAS Career Central

    UAS Career Central is an online global platform dedicated to the commercial UAS/UAV industry. It provides a platform for posting job openings, an industry directory and other industry informational services. www.uascareercentral.com
    Type: Career & Industry Directory.  Location: Global.

    Read Before Flight

    Read Before Flight is a guide to advise readers how to build safe and standardized Drone / UAS flight training and operation programs. It is a compilation of lessons learned and military experience applied to the growing commercial market. The principles outlined in Read Before Flight are scalable and apply to individuals operating a single quad copter as well as large companies flying multiple unmanned systems.
    Nicholas Damron. E-Book link - Print link
    Type: Flight Safety.  Location: Global.

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